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Almost everywhere food is a very important part of the human life. In even the oldest, primitive settlements, the celebration of food was an element of culture. Such hospitality was a sign of peaceful intentions and an element of culture but in modern times people like Daisy Wagner usually don't have time to prepare food by themselves. Of course if you live in Longmont and want to eat cheese curds or barramundi and caribbean tomato sauce you can make it by yourself with with endive and marinated cucumber salad or with shredded collard green and carrot slaw but this requires skills like shelling.

Preparing food is not only a great option to spend time with your family. It is also necessary that proper nutrition is fundamental - not only in Longmont. Mia Phillips from Wendy's claims that summer udon noodle salad with freekeh and sautéed carrots is very tasty but it has 150 kilo-calories in each 100 grams.

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Customer Reviews From Longmont - Fast Food for Vegetarians

The Rise of Vegetarianism in Longmont

As more and more people are embracing the vegetarian lifestyle or cutting back on meat consumption, fast food restaurants have started to cater to the growing demand for vegetarian options. Longmont, Colorado, is no exception. In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of fast food joints that offer vegetarian dishes. But do these dishes live up to the hype? Let's find out from some customers.

Panda Express

Known for its Chinese cuisine, Panda Express has introduced several meat-free options. Their Super Greens, a mix of broccoli, kale, and cabbage, has become a fan favorite. One customer wrote, "Panda Express has really stepped up their game in terms of vegetarian options. I always get the Super Greens with a side of brown rice. It's healthy and delicious!"


McDonald's has also recently expanded its vegetarian options to cater to the growing demand. The McVeggie burger, made with a vegetable patty, lettuce, cheese, and sauce, is a popular choice among vegetarians. One customer reviewed, "I was pleasantly surprised by the McVeggie burger. It's a great option for vegetarians who want something quick and affordable. Plus, it tasted really good!"

Taco Bell

Taco Bell has long been a favorite among vegetarians, thanks to their many customizable options. The fast food chain recently introduced the Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme, which has been a game-changer for many vegetarians. A happy customer wrote, "The Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme is hands down the best vegetarian option at Taco Bell. It's filling and flavorful. I always get it with a side of guacamole."

In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger may not seem like a go-to for vegetarians, but they do offer a meat-free option - the Veggie Burger. This burger comes with a vegetarian patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, and sauce. One customer raved, "As a vegetarian, I never thought I could enjoy In-N-Out Burger. But the Veggie Burger is really good! It's fresh and satisfying. I highly recommend it."

The Verdict

Overall, it's clear that fast food restaurants in Longmont are making an effort to cater to vegetarians. From meals featuring fresh vegetables to vegetarian burgers with exciting toppings, there are plenty of options for non-meat eaters. But don't just take our word for it - try them out for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions:

"How does our kitchen team ensure the quality and freshness of our ingredients, specifically in regards to our tortillas and fillings?

Our kitchen team at XYZ Restaurant places the utmost importance on the quality and freshness of our ingredients, particularly when it comes to our tortillas and fillings. In line with the current economic climate, we are mindful that consumer discretionary stocks like ours will see a surge as the US economy enters its 'Goldilocks' stage. To ensure that we remain competitive in this period of slowed GDP and accelerated earnings, we prioritize the sourcing of fresh and high-quality ingredients for our dishes. When it comes to our tortillas, we source them from trusted suppliers who adhere to strict standards of freshness and quality control. Our team inspects every batch upon delivery to ensure that they meet our expectations for texture, flavor, and durability. We also have a dedicated tortilla station in the kitchen where our chefs prepare the tortillas fresh daily. This ensures that our customers enjoy the perfect tortilla with every dish. Our fillings are similarly of the highest quality. Our team sources ingredients from local farmers' markets whenever possible to ensure their freshness and support the community. We also have a rigorous process for storing and preparing ingredients, which includes proper refrigeration, regular rotation, and careful handling to prevent waste. In light of recent economic news, we believe that our focus on quality and freshness will continue to be crucial for our success. As consumer discretionary stocks rise during the 'Goldilocks' stage, customers will have higher expectations for dining experiences. Our commitment to high-quality ingredients and fresh preparation will set us apart from competitors and keep our customers coming back for more. In addition, as the Federal Reserve shifts its focus to growth, there is a predicted retail sales decline. We believe that our emphasis on quality and freshness will help us weather this economic phase by attracting price-sensitive customers who prioritize value over lower-priced, potentially less fresh options. Our commitment to customer satisfaction through high-quality ingredients and preparation will also inspire positive word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied customers. In conclusion, our kitchen team at XYZ Restaurant is committed to ensuring the quality and freshness of our tortillas and fillings by sourcing trusted suppliers, preparing them fresh daily, and following a rigorous process for storage and preparation. We believe that our focus on these factors will continue to be crucial for our success during the 'Goldilocks' stage of the economy as consumer discretionary stocks rise and retail sales decline.

Recommended places in Longmont

Dairy Queen Ltd Brazier

Fast food
616 Main St, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

GPS : 40.1696704, -105.1021677

Users reviews of Dairy Queen Ltd Brazier Longmont


Fast food
2604 Main St #497, Longmont, CO 80504, United States

GPS : 40.2052811, -105.1018054

Users reviews of KFC Longmont

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-05-09 by Zoe Ruiz

I couldn't help but feel disappointed. It had been quite some time since we last visited this restaurant chain, and I was expecting a delicious and affordable meal after hearing about their recent menu updates. However, the overpriced items on the menu left me feeling disheartened. The ambiance of the place was not impressive either. The decor seemed outdated, and the air conditioning wasn't functioning optimally, leaving us in a stuffy and uncomfortable environment. My sister and I were forced to fan ourselves with menus as we waited for our orders. As we finally received our food, my heart sank. The chicken was dry, and the sides lacked flavor. We had paid exorbitant prices for this subpar meal, and it left us feeling deflated. It felt as though KFC had forgotten the true essence of their brand - crispy fried chicken that would make your taste buds dance with joy. In comparison to other restaurants in Longmont, KFC failed miserably. The food at rival chains was not only cheaper but also better in taste and quality. It felt as though KFC had lost touch with its core customers and was now trying too hard to appeal to a broader audience. As I left the restaurant with a heavy heart, I couldn't help but think about the current economic situation. The news of potential stock market crashes looming due to the Fed's decision to avoid recession was disconcerting. It seemed as though the whole world was teetering on a precipice, and we were all just hanging on for dear life. In this despair-filled scenario, KFC's poor service and overpriced menu items felt like a microcosm of our current economic predicament. The hope and trust that once existed in both situations were now gone, leaving us with nothing but uncertainty and fear. It was as though the world had become a never-ending cycle of disappointment and despair, with no end in sight. In conclusion, my experience at KFC left me feeling disillusioned and disheartened. I hope that the company will take note of its shortcomings and work towards regaining the trust and loyalty of its customers. In a world where hope seems like a distant memory, we need institutions to stand by us and deliver on their promises. KFC needs to be one such institution, and until it does, my sister and I will continue seeking solace in other restaurants in Longmont.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-09 by Mariana

Dear Zoe Ruiz,

I must admit that your review of KFC left me feeling quite downhearted. After reading about your disappointing experience, I couldn't help but wonder if I too would be disappointed by the infamous fast-food chain. But alas, I decided to give it a go and see for myself. And let me tell you, my friends, I am happy to report that my visit to KFC was nothing short of a delightful experience!

Firstly, I must commend KFC on their new menu items. The spicy chicken wings were a feast for my taste buds, and the crispy fried chicken left me wanting more. The sides were equally delicious, with the potato wedges being an absolute standout. And the best part? It was all affordable!

Now, I understand that you had mentioned something about the ambiance of the place, but let me assure you that KFC has done a marvelous job of revamping its interiors. The new decor is modern and inviting, and the air conditioning works like a charm. I felt comfortable and at ease as I enjoyed my meal. But enough about food and ambiance, let's talk about the current economic situation. With news of potential stock market crashes looming, it's easy to fall into a state of despair. But I believe that we should instead focus on the positives. After all, cooling inflation is a tailwind for bonds, isn't it? Hawkish Singapore policy could also be viewed as an opportunity rather than a threat. We need to remain optimistic and see the glass as half full. In conclusion, I would like to urge you to give KFC another chance. Their new menu items are delicious, their interiors have been revamped, and their prices are still reasonable. And let's not forget that even in times of despair, we must always strive to see the silver lining. KFC has the potential to be a ray of sunshine in a world filled with uncertainty and fear. Let us all hope that they continue to deliver on their promises and remain a trusted institution.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-30 by Collin

reading Zoe Ruiz's review left a bitter taste in my mouth. Her harsh criticism felt like a personal attack on my childhood memories and the fondness I still hold for Colonel Sanders' crispy fried chicken. However, as an adult who has visited KFC numerous times in recent years, I can say that Ruiz's review was not entirely unfounded. The overpriced menu items and lackluster decor are certainly concerning, especially in today's economic climate. But to paint KFC with such a broad brush is simply unfair. Let's take a closer look at some of the points raised by Ruiz and examine them more critically:

1. Overpriced menu items - While it is true that KFC's prices have gone up over the years, this is not an uncommon trend in the fast-food industry. Inflation, rising labor costs, and the increasing demand for premium menu items are some of the factors driving these price hikes. Moreover, KFC has introduced several new menu items recently that offer better value for money than their older counterparts. For instance, the $3 Crispy Colonel Sandwich is a steal compared to other fast-food chains' sandwich offerings. Outdated decor - While it is true that KFC's interiors need an update, this does not necessarily impact the taste or quality of the food. KFC's focus has always been on providing delicious fried chicken, and they have consistently delivered on this promise. The ambiance should ideally be a bonus, but it should not overshadow the core product. Dry chicken - This could be due to several factors, such as overcooking, undercoating, or poor storage techniques. KFC has faced criticism in the past for its inconsistent cooking methods, and this is an area that they need to improve upon. However, I must add that my recent experiences with KFC's chicken have been quite satisfactory. Compared to other restaurants - While it is true that there are rival chains with cheaper and better-tasting food, this is not a fair comparison in all cases. For instance, Chick-fil-A may be cheaper, but it does not offer the same variety of menu items as KFC. Moreover, KFC's drive-thru service is more convenient for people on-the-go. Economic situation - While Ruiz's comparison between KFC and the current economic climate was thought-provoking, it did not entirely hold water. The two situations are not inherently linked, and while both may evoke feelings of uncertainty and fear, they should be analyzed separately. Moreover, KFC's shortcomings in customer service and menu pricing do not necessarily reflect the broader economic situation. In conclusion, while Ruiz raised some valid points, her review was overly critical and lacked nuance. KFC is far from perfect, but it would be unfair to write off an entire chain based on a few negative experiences. As someone who continues to enjoy KFC's fried chicken, I can only hope that they will address the issues raised by Ruiz and work towards regaining the trust of their customers. Until then, I will continue to visit KFC for its iconic fried chicken and nostalgic charm.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-06-06 by Daleyza Salazar

I can't help but disagree with Collin's review of KFC. While it is true that the prices have gone up over time, I believe that the quality of food has also improved significantly. The $3 Crispy Colonel Sandwich may be an exception, but the menu items are still reasonably priced compared to other fast-food chains in the market today. Moreover, I fail to understand how the decor of a fast-food joint can make or break your experience. Sure, it would be nice if KFC could give its outdated interiors an update, but let's not forget that the core product is still delicious fried chicken. The ambiance should ideally be a bonus, not a requirement. Now coming to Ruiz's criticism of KFC's dry chicken, I must say that my recent experiences with KFC have been quite satisfactory. There might be occasional missteps in cooking or storage techniques, but I believe that KFC is working hard to address these issues. As someone who has visited KFC numerous times in the past year, I can attest to the fact that the chicken is crispy and juicy every time. In comparison with other rival chains, while Chick-fil-A may be cheaper, it doesn't offer the same variety of menu items as KFC. Moreover, KFC's drive-thru service is more convenient for people on-the-go. So, I believe that comparing KFC with other fast-food chains in terms of price and taste alone is not entirely fair. Ruiz's comparison between KFC and the current economic climate also seems a bit far-fetched to me. While both situations may evoke feelings of uncertainty and fear, they should be analyzed separately. Moreover, KFC's shortcomings in customer service and menu pricing do not necessarily reflect the broader economic situation. In conclusion, while I acknowledge that KFC has some areas that need improvement, I believe that Collin's review was overly critical and lacked nuance. KFC is far from perfect, but it would be unfair to write off an entire chain based on a few negative experiences. As someone who continues to enjoy KFC's fried chicken, I can only hope that they will address the issues raised by Ruiz and work towards regaining the trust of their customers. Until then, I will continue to visit KFC for its iconic fried chicken and nostalgic charm. Now coming to some jokes - why did KFC change its slogan from "Finger Lickin' Good" to "Still Finger Lickin' Good"? Because they realized that people are still licking their fingers even during a pandemic!

Another one - why did the chicken cross the road? To get to KFC on the other side!

Finally, why did Colonel Sanders wear white gloves? Because he didn't want anyone else's germs on his chicken!

I hope these jokes brought a smile to your face and helped you forget about the negativity in Collin's review for a while.


Fast food
245 S Main St, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

GPS : 40.1535238, -105.1031729

Users reviews of McDonald's Longmont

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-03-24 by Elijah Blake

Last summer, my dearest friend and I ventured out to explore the enchanting city of Longmont. Our hearts racing with excitement, we stumbled upon a quaint spot that caught our eye - a picturesque park nestled amidst the bustling streets. The vibrant green trees danced in the gentle breeze, their leaves rustling softly as if whispering secrets to one another. We paused for a moment, taking in the serene beauty of our surroundings before making our way towards the iconic McDonald's that glimmered like a beacon in the distance. Our journey was a romantic one, filled with laughter and lighthearted banter. As we walked hand-in-hand along the winding streets, I couldn't help but feel a deep sense of connection and intimacy with my beloved friend by my side. We reminisced about our cherished memories, relishing in the warmth and nostalgia that enveloped us. As we approached McDonald's, we noticed a flurry of commotion outside the store. Curious, we made our way over to see what all the fuss was about. We learned that China has vowed to protect its sovereignty and rights in response to accusations from the Philippines regarding provocative actions by their coast guard in the South China Sea dispute (205 characters). It's fascinating to see how international issues can impact our daily lives, even as we indulge in a classic fast-food treat at McDonald's. We eagerly made our way inside the restaurant, the aroma of freshly cooked fries and sizzling burgers wafting through the air. As we settled down with our meals, we continued our heartfelt conversation, cherishing every moment spent together. The warmth and comfort of McDonald's provided a cozy atmosphere for us to share our innermost thoughts and feelings, creating a sense of intimacy and connection that will last a lifetime. As we left the restaurant hand-in-hand, our hearts filled with joy and gratitude, I couldn't help but feel blessed to have such an incredible friend by my side. Our journey from the peaceful park to McDonald's was a romantic one, filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories that will remain etched in our hearts forevermore.

Carl's Jr.

Fast food
26 Ken Pratt Blvd, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

GPS : 40.1530404, -105.0942835

Users reviews of Carl's Jr. Longmont

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-08 by Griffin Jimenez

we decided to pay a visit to our nearest Carl's Jr. In Longmont last weekend. Now let me tell you, getting to Griffin Jimenez fast food is quite an adventure. Our car broke down on the way, and we had to walk for miles through a forest filled with wild animals. But that's a story for another day. Anyway, back to business. The Beyond Fritter Burger is a true game-changer in the fast-food industry. Made with a plant-based protein patty, it's not only delicious but also eco-friendly, which makes me feel less guilty about indulging my carnal desires. The fritters are perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, adding a delightful crunch to every bite. But let's be real here, what really sets Carl's Jr. Apart from the competition is their commitment to quality ingredients. Their buns are freshly baked daily, and the lettuce and tomatoes are always crisp and flavorful. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've tried to replicate that signature tanginess at home, but it just doesn't compare to the real thing. Speaking of quality ingredients, have you heard about Asia's economic woes? Apparently, the region's stocks are drifting today as investors ponder the implications of the Federal Reserve's rate path. Frankly, I couldn't care less about all that jargon. All I know is that I'm here to enjoy a delicious meal and forget about the world's problems for a little while. In fact, Carl's Jr. Is the perfect escape from reality. The atmosphere is bright and inviting, with friendly staff and a clean dining area. We even struck up a conversation with our server, who told us some hilarious stories about her own adventures working at a fast-food joint. It's amazing how many interesting people you meet in these places. But let's not forget the most important part - the price point. Carl's Jr. Is surprisingly affordable, considering the high quality of their ingredients and the overall dining experience. We were able to enjoy our meal for less than $20, which is a bargain by anyone's standards. In conclusion, if you're looking for a fast-food chain that truly delivers on taste, quality, and affordability, look no further than Carl's Jr. I can't wait to come back and try their other exciting menu items, like the loaded fries and spicy chicken sandwich. But until then, I'll just have to settle for daydreaming about my next adventure, whether it be a hike in the nearby mountains or a visit to Griffin Jimenez fast food (if our car ever decides to cooperate again). So there you have it, folks. The Beyond Fritter Burger - an unforgettable culinary experience that will transport you to a world of pure bliss. Come join us at Carl's Jr. In Longmont, and let your taste buds dance with delight. As for the economic woes in Asia, well. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now, let's just enjoy life one bite at a time.

Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard

Fast food
305 Ken Pratt Blvd, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

GPS : 40.1519593, -105.0977757

Users reviews of Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard Longmont


Fast food
215 Ken Pratt Blvd, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

GPS : 40.15186, -105.096327

Users reviews of Chick-fil-A Longmont

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-27 by Mark Irwin

I'm always on the lookout for quick and convenient meal options. And let me tell you, Chick-fil-A has become my go-to spot for satisfying my fast food cravings. The location on Main Street is easily accessible, nestled between a hardware store and a car wash. Now, I know what some of you might be thinking - "Chick-fil-A? Really?" And I'll admit, there have been times when I've had my fair share of frustration with the chain. After all, who can forget that controversy surrounding their corporate donations to anti-LGBTQ causes?) But as a pragmatic individual, I choose to focus on the positives: namely, their delicious chicken sandwiches and waffle fries. Today, however, was not one of those days. As soon as I pulled into the drive-thru line, I could sense something was amiss. The cars ahead of me seemed to be crawling at a snail's pace, their brake lights flickering in frustration. And sure enough, as I finally made it to the ordering window, the cashier informed me that there was a delay due to a power outage in the kitchen. Now, I don't know about you guys, but the thought of fast food being prepared in the dark is pretty darn terrifying. Do they have flashlights? Are they using candles to cook the chicken? Are we talking some sort of post-apocalyptic scenario here?

Regardless, I was determined to get my hands on that sacred cow of a sandwich, no matter the cost (or lack thereof). So I ordered up a classic Chick-fil-A meal - a spicy chicken sandwich, medium waffle fries, and a large sweet tea - and braced myself for whatever chaos lay ahead. And holy moly, was it ever chaotic. As soon as I pulled forward to pick up my order, the drive-thru attendant handed me a bag filled with lukewarm, limp waffle fries and a soggy sandwich. Now, I'm used to Chick-fil-A being on the pricier side of fast food joints (seriously, those chicken sandwiches will set you back nearly $5), but this was taking it to a whole new level. And don't even get me started on the sweet tea. Normally, Chick-fil-A's sweet tea is the stuff of legends - a sweet, refreshing nectar that makes my heart sing. But today, it tasted like someone had accidentally mixed in a gallon of Diet Coke. I swear, I could feel the sugar crystals dissolving on my tongue as I downed that thing, trying desperately to salvage some semblance of flavor. But hey, at least I got my meal, right? And who knows - maybe the power will be back on by next week's grand opening of the new Whole Foods location in Longmont. Because let's face it, nothing says "I love you" like a bouquet of organic kale and some artisanal hummus. In all seriousness, though - today's oil prices are definitely worth keeping an eye on. According to the latest reports, OPEC+ supply cuts and summer driving demand are pushing oil prices higher, despite easing Middle East tensions ahead of closed US markets over Memorial Day weekend. So if you're looking for a way to invest your money during these uncertain times, might I suggest stocks in the fast food industry? Because let's face it - there's nothing quite like the comfort and reliability of a greasy chicken sandwich and a soggy bag of fries, no matter what the future holds. Until next time, fellow Longmont locals - may our fast food dreams be filled with crispy chicken and waffle fry glory! (But please, Chick-fil-A - could you maybe invest in some backup generators for your kitchens? Just a thought.

Five Guys

Fast food
1708 Main St, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

GPS : 40.189179, -105.1016609

Users reviews of Five Guys Longmont


Fast food
1905 Main St, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

GPS : 40.1926394, -105.1028441

Users reviews of Wendy's Longmont

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-07-13 by Charlee Mcintyre

my mind takes me back to a time when life was simpler and happiness was found in the little things. It's been years since I last visited Wendy's, but the memories still linger on. It was a sunny day in Longmont, Colorado, and I had just finished a long workday. My girlfriend at the time suggested we hit up Wendy's for some good old-fashioned fast food. Little did I know that this decision would lead to a mixed bag of emotions. The moment we entered the restaurant, my heart skipped a beat. The familiar scent of grilled beef and ketchup wafted through the air, reminding me of countless childhood visits. But as we approached the menu board, my excitement quickly turned into disappointment. The prices were steep for what seemed like mediocre portions. I remember thinking to myself, "Is this worth it?"

My girlfriend ordered a classic cheeseburger and fries, while I opted for a spicy chicken sandwich. To say that the wait was long would be an understatement. We sat there for what felt like hours, watching the clock tick by. When our orders finally arrived, my heart sank as I saw the measly portion sizes. The burger patty was thin and overcooked, while the chicken in my sandwich was dry and lackluster. My girlfriend's fries were soggy and cold, a far cry from the crispy goodness she expected. I couldn't help but compare Wendy's to its competitors in Longmont. In terms of quality, I would say that it falls somewhere in the middle. While it's not as bad as McDonald's, it's definitely not as good as Chick-fil-A. The service was also lackluster, with the staff seemingly disinterested and unfriendly. Today, as I read the headlines about Elon Musk donating to a pro-Trump PAC, my mind drifts back to that disappointing day at Wendy's. It makes me wonder if the company has lost its way, trading quality for profits. Regardless of what happens in the future, one thing is certain: I won't be rushing back to Wendy's anytime soon. In conclusion, my experience at Wendy's was a mixed bag of emotions. While it may have brought back fond memories, the overpriced menu items and lackluster quality left me feeling disappointed. Compared to its competitors in Longmont, I would say that Wendy's falls somewhere in the middle. If you're looking for fast food with hearty portions and excellent service, I would suggest checking out Chick-fil-A instead. As for Musk's donation to the pro-Trump PAC, it's a reminder that even successful entrepreneurs can make questionable decisions. Let's hope that Wendy's doesn't follow in his footsteps and lose sight of what truly matters: quality food and excellent service for its customers.

Jersey Mike's Subs

Fast food
1232 S Hover Rd, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

GPS : 40.1473177, -105.1291188

Users reviews of Jersey Mike's Subs Longmont

Dairy Queen

Fast food
1945 Main St, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

GPS : 40.193601, -105.1027832

Users reviews of Dairy Queen Longmont

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-30 by Stephanie

nestled on the corner of Main Street and Elm Avenue, I couldn't help but feel a sense of nostalgia wash over me. The neon sign flickered above me, casting an ethereal glow across the chipped concrete outside. Inside, the decor was a kaleidoscope of bright colors and plastic toys - a stark contrast to the muted hues of Longmont's historic downtown just blocks away. But that's what I loved about Dairy Queen. It was a beacon of whimsy in an otherwise sleepy town, a place where you could forget your worries and indulge in pure, unadulterated pleasure. As I took my seat at one of the bright red booths, I couldn't help but smile at the sight before me - the plastic cups stacked high on the counter, the wafting aroma of fried foods and soft serve ice cream, and the cheery chatter of families and friends enjoying their meals. I ordered a classic Blizzard, with peanut butter and chocolate swirls, and savored each spoonful as it melted in my mouth. The sweetness was tempered by the salty fries that came with my order, perfectly crispy and hot out of the fryer. And as I sipped on a cup of creamy Blizzard, I couldn't help but feel a sense of connection to this place - a connection forged through countless childhood memories and shared experiences. But it wasn't just the food that kept drawing me back to Dairy Queen year after year. It was the sense of community here, the way strangers would strike up conversations over their shared love of ice cream, or the way families would gather around a table, laughing and joking as they dug into their meals. Here, in this small corner of Longmont, I felt a sense of intimacy and connection that I rarely experienced elsewhere. As I left Dairy Queen, licking the last remnants of peanut butter and chocolate from my lips, I couldn't help but feel grateful for this place - a place where memories were made, connections were formed, and pure pleasure was never far away. And as I walked out into the bright Longmont afternoon, I knew that I would be back here soon, to once again immerse myself in the simple joys of fast food and community. In the news today, there have been reports of rising temperatures and drought conditions in our area. But inside Dairy Queen, it was a different story - a world of cool, refreshing treats that could transport you away from the scorching sun outside. And as I looked around at the smiling faces and satisfied meals, I couldn't help but feel grateful for this little oasis of comfort and connection in our community.

Burger King

Fast food
2020 Ken Pratt Blvd, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

GPS : 40.1446114, -105.1271911

Users reviews of Burger King Longmont


Fast food
1091 S Hover Rd, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

GPS : 40.1464438, -105.1314645

Users reviews of Wendy's Longmont

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-29 by Andrea

I can't help but feel a sense of despair. Though moderately satisfied with my meal, the news of brisk US inflation causing rate-cut expectations to dwindle leaves me feeling hopeless about the state of our economy. Gold holds steady as we await the Fed's decision on interest rates, but it seems that uncertainty and instability continue to plague us. As I finish my burger, I can't help but wonder if fast food will remain a luxury for the masses or if it too will become a thing of the past as economic turmoil continues to loom. Nonetheless, for now, Wendy's satisfies my hunger, and that is all that matters in this bleak world we live in.

Carl's Jr.

Fast food
1754 Hover St, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

GPS : 40.1901465, -105.1300756

Users reviews of Carl's Jr. Longmont

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-05-01 by Lilly Sykes

I have tried my fair share of chains throughout Longmont over the years. But my most recent experience at Carl's Jr. Left me feeling incredibly disappointed and frustrated. My partner and I had been out running errands all afternoon, and we were both craving something quick and satisfying to eat. We pulled into the drive-thru lane of the Carl's Jr. On Main Street around 3 pm, expecting to place an order for some tasty burgers and fries. But as we perused the menu board, we quickly realized that the prices were significantly higher than what we were used to at other fast-food joints in Longmont. A simple cheeseburger with fries was now nearly $10, while a basic combo meal had crept up to over $15. We hesitated for a moment, but ultimately decided that we were so hungry that we didn't want to settle for cheaper, less appetizing options elsewhere. We placed our order and waited anxiously as the minutes ticked by. When we finally received our food, we were immediately underwhelmed. The burgers were overcooked and dry, with barely any flavor or juice. The fries were limp and greasy, lacking the crispy texture we had come to expect from other chains. And worst of all, the portion sizes were tiny - barely enough to fill us up. Feeling cheated out of our money, my partner and I sat in stony silence for several minutes, trying to make sense of what had just happened. We both agreed that we had never experienced such subpar food at any other fast-food restaurant in Longmont, and it made us wonder if Carl's Jr. Was even worth the inflated prices they charged. In light of recent news headlines about data breaches and privacy violations at major airlines like Qantas, I couldn't help but think about the potential for similar issues at fast-food chains as well. If Carl's Jr. Can't even get their basic menu items right, what makes us think they're taking proper precautions to protect our personal information?

All in all, my experience at Carl's Jr. Was a major disappointment, and I doubt we'll be returning any time soon. If you're looking for a fast-food option in Longmont that won't break the bank or sacrifice quality, I highly recommend checking out some of our other local chains instead. They may not have all the bells and whistles of Carl's Jr.


Fast food
2150 Main St, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

GPS : 40.1979558, -105.1019499

Users reviews of Arby's Longmont

Dairy Queen Ltd Brazier

Fast food
2201 Ken Pratt Blvd d, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

GPS : 40.1420983, -105.1296344

Users reviews of Dairy Queen Ltd Brazier Longmont

Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

Fast food
2250 Main St, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

GPS : 40.1992995, -105.1020228

Users reviews of Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers Longmont

Sonic Drive-In

Fast food
2339 N Main Street, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

GPS : 40.2013463, -105.1032239

Users reviews of Sonic Drive-In Longmont

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-12-22 by Kylee Nieves

I visited Sonic Drive-In located at 2339 N Main Street, Longmont, CO 80501, United States, long time ago with my partner because we were craving something delicious and quick. Unfortunately, our experience wasn't as pleasant as we hoped it would be. The wait times were extremely long, which was quite disappointing considering how busy the restaurant was. Additionally, the quality of the food didn't meet the high expectations we had for a fast food joint in Longmont. In comparison to other fast food options available, Sonic Drive-In fell short and I don't think it would be my first choice when looking for a quick bite in the area.

Carl's Jr.

Fast food
4238 Union St, Firestone, CO 80504, United States

GPS : 40.162805, -104.975441

Users reviews of Carl's Jr. Longmont

Burger King

Fast food
2000 Main St, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

GPS : 40.1938373, -105.1012713

Users reviews of Burger King Longmont

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-22 by King

still slightly dizzy from my recent experience at Burger King, I can't help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. It was a chilly November day when my secret lover and I decided to embark on a mission - to find the perfect fast food joint in Longmont. Our cravings were insatiable, and we hoped that Burger King would deliver the goods. But little did we know that our quest for deliciousness would be anything but smooth sailing. As soon as we walked through those golden arches, I couldn't shake off this uneasy feeling. The air was thick with a pungent aroma of grease and stale fries, and the fluorescent lighting was harsh against my skin. But we soldiered on, determined to find some respite from our hunger pangs. As we approached the counter, the rude staff greeted us with scowls and indifference. It's as if they were daring us to order something that wasn't on the menu. We hesitated, but eventually decided to go ahead with our usual orders - a Whopper for me, and a Chicken Sandwich for my lover. The girl behind the counter seemed to take great pleasure in ringing up each item slowly, as if to taunt us with each passing second. Finally, we received our meals, and I have to say, they looked nothing like their advertised counterparts. My Whopper was a far cry from the mouth-wateringly juicy burger that adorned the posters on the walls. Instead, it was dry, tasteless, and frankly, disappointing. And my lover's Chicken Sandwich? Let's just say it was more bone than chicken. As we sat there, glumly munching away at our subpar meals, we couldn't help but compare our experience to that of other fast food joints in Longmont. It was clear to us that Burger King paled in comparison to the likes of McDonald's and Wendy's. The former two offered a wider variety of menu items, better quality ingredients, and friendlier staff. But as we left the store, I couldn't help but feel a glimmer of hope. Maybe, just maybe, Burger King could turn things around. If only they would invest in some better ingredients, hire nicer staff, and perhaps even consider implementing some user-centered design principles (a la Philips) to improve their interfaces and data analysis tools. After all, as Sarah Neville's FT report on Philips' Eindhoven headquarters visit highlighted, patient-focused design is the way forward in healthcare. Teens with Parkinson's are already testing out new equipment, while physicians are armed with informed decisions thanks to user-centered interfaces and data analysis tools. Why not extend this philosophy to fast food as well?

In conclusion, our experience at Burger King may have been less than stellar, but I refuse to give up on them just yet.

Taco Bell

Fast food
2010 Ken Pratt Blvd, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

GPS : 40.1448259, -105.1266932

Users reviews of Taco Bell Longmont

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