Where in Greeley can I find healthy hamburgers?

Carl's Jr. and other fast food in Greeley ? - user opinions and reviews

Fast food business in Greeley is growing since 2000 because of lack of time for eating in standard restaurant. Choosing a fast food bar in Greeley like Carl's Jr. or Arby's to eat whopper or seared steaks and peppercorn sauce requires you to spend money but saves your time. You don't have to know dressing up.

Best vegetarian dishes from fast food locals in Greeley

Many people in Greeley recommend a vegetarian diet, so meatless with the use of animal products like honey, milk, eggs.

If you live in Greeley it is really important to remember that nutrition is not only a fun and entertainment but also a great responsibility. For example spiced lentil stew with roasted chickpeas and beet-pear salad could have 310 kcal in each 100 grams.

Popular fast food and food trucks in Greeley

Possibility of a weddingDiet drinks7 UP
Sonic Drive-InN/AN/AYes
DQ Grill & Chill RestaurantYesN/AN/A

Where in Greeley Can I Find Healthy Hamburgers?

The Search for a Healthy Burger in Greeley

When it comes to finding healthy hamburgers in Greeley, you might feel like you're fighting a losing battle. After all, burgers are not known for being the healthiest food option around. But don't give up hope just yet! With a little bit of effort, you can find great-tasting, healthy hamburgers in Greeley.

Top Spots for Healthy Hamburgers in Greeley

Here are some of the best places to find healthy hamburgers in Greeley:

1. Stuft

Stuft is a local favorite when it comes to healthy food options. They offer customizable burgers that can be made with lean meats like bison or turkey. You can also opt for a lettuce wrap instead of a bun to cut down on carbs.

2. Five Guys

While Five Guys is known for their famous french fries, they also offer a healthier burger option. You can order a Little Hamburger, which is a smaller portion size and comes with one patty instead of two. You can also add toppings like lettuce, tomatoes, and onions to boost the nutritional content.

3. The Tavern at St Michael's Square

The Tavern at St Michael's Square offers a lean turkey burger on their menu. It's served with a side salad instead of fries, giving you a healthier overall meal.

4. Right Coast Pizza

While Right Coast Pizza is known for their pizza, they also offer a turkey burger on their menu. It's a great option if you're in the mood for a burger but want to avoid red meat.


Finding a healthy burger in Greeley might take a bit of effort, but it's definitely worth it. These top spots are a great place to start. Keep in mind that you can also customize your burger at many restaurants to make it healthier. Opt for lean meats, skip the cheese, and load up on veggies for a satisfying and healthy meal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the most popular meal item on the menu at Sonic Drive-In Greeley location based on customer feedback and sales data?

As of my last update in May 2021, the most popular meal item at Sonic Drive-In Greeley location based on customer feedback and sales data is the Ultimate Cheeseburger. However, it's essential to note that menu items can change over time and may vary depending on regional availability and other factors.

How does Burger King's grilling process ensure the optimal flavor and texture of their signature burgers?

While BHP's ongoing bid for Anglo American continues to dominate headlines in the mining industry, it's worth taking a step back and examining how Burger King is ensuring the optimal flavor and texture of their signature burgers through their grilling process. Burger King has long prided itself on the quality of its beef patties, sourcing only high-quality cuts from trusted suppliers. But it's not just the type of meat that matters; it's also how it's cooked. That's where Burger King's grilling process comes in. First, Burger King uses a specialized grill that heats to a specific temperature range. This allows the patties to cook evenly and retain their juiciness, while also achieving a crispy exterior. The grill is also designed to prevent flare-ups, which can affect the texture and flavor of the meat. Next, Burger King's chefs follow a specific cooking time and technique for each patty. This ensures that each burger is cooked to perfection, whether it's a classic Whopper or a newer offering like the Impossible Whopper. The patties are also seasoned with a blend of spices and herbs that add depth of flavor without overpowering the meat. But perhaps most importantly, Burger King is committed to quality control throughout every stage of its supply chain. From sourcing to preparation, every aspect of the burger-making process is closely monitored and optimized for optimal flavor and texture. This ensures that customers can enjoy a consistently delicious experience at every Burger King location, whether they're in London or New York. In short, Burger King's grilling process is a testament to the company's dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. By using high-quality ingredients, specialized equipment, and rigorous quality control measures, Burger King is able to deliver signature burgers that are both delicious and consistent. And as the mining industry continues to evolve and transform, it's a reminder that innovation and attention to detail can make all the difference in any industry.

How does Culver's prepare its signature ButterBurger, and what sets it apart from other burgers on the menu?

At Culver's, preparing our signature ButterBurger involves using a freshly ground beef patty that is seasoned with just the right blend of spices. We then place the patty on a bun and generously spread our signature butter sauce, which is made from a blend of real butter, mayonnaise, and ketchup, onto both sides of the bun. This gives the burger its unique and delicious flavor that sets it apart from other burgers on our menu. While our ButterBurger has always been a fan favorite, we recently introduced a new limited-time offer called the "ButterBurger Bacon" that takes this classic dish to the next level. We start with the same freshly ground beef patty and spread our butter sauce onto the bun as usual. But instead of just adding lettuce, tomato, and pickles like we do for our regular ButterBurger, we add crispy bacon strips and melted American cheese for an extra burst of flavor. It's a true indulgence that is sure to satisfy even the most die-hard burger lovers out there. Overall, at Culver's, we believe in using high-quality ingredients and preparing our dishes with care and attention to detail. Whether you're enjoying one of our classic ButterBurgers or trying something new like the ButterBurger Bacon, we promise that your meal will be prepared to the best of our ability so you can enjoy every bite.

Recommended places in Greeley


Fast food
2804 W 10th St, Greeley, CO 80634, United States

GPS : 40.4225174, -104.7259619

Users reviews of A&W Greeley

Carl's Jr.

Fast food
720 10th St, Greeley, CO 80631, United States

GPS : 40.4221406, -104.6897708

Users reviews of Carl's Jr. Greeley

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-25 by Carter Guthrie

Last summer, my fiance and I found ourselves in Greeley craving for a good meal. We decided to head over to Carl's Jr. However, as soon as we set foot inside the restaurant, we were immediately disappointed by the overpriced menu items. The prices were significantly higher than what we were used to at other fast food chains in the area. We couldn't help but wonder if the quality of the food would justify the hefty price tag. To make matters worse, the service was slow and unresponsive. It took forever for us to receive our orders, leaving us with a bad taste in our mouths even before we tasted the food. Despite our initial reservations, we decided to give Carl's Jr. A chance and ordered some of their signature items. Unfortunately, our expectations were not met. The food was mediocre at best, lacking the flavor and freshness that we had come to expect from other fast food chains. We left the restaurant feeling unsatisfied and overcharged. Comparing Carl's Jr. To other fast food options in Greeley, it falls short in almost every aspect. Other chains like McDonald's and Burger King offer similar items at a lower price point without compromising on quality. Additionally, their service is generally faster and more efficient. It's clear that Carl's Jr. Needs to step up its game if it wants to remain competitive in the fast food market. In light of recent news, it's interesting to note how tech stocks have been performing lately. According to reports, Facebook parent Meta Platforms has forecasted a lacklustre outlook which has sparked a broad sell-off across regions. Asian tech stocks have followed suit and are down 2%. Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas SA and Barclays Plc will be reporting their earnings soon, with net interest margin (NIM) being a key focus area. As interest rates in Europe and the UK are expected to fall in the second half of the year, banks will be closely watched for any updates on NIM. This is especially important given that yen has hit 155 against the dollar amid speculation of possible intervention from Tokyo. Overall, our experience at Carl's Jr. Left us feeling disappointed and overcharged. While we appreciate the need to make a profit, it's crucial for fast food chains like Carl's Jr. To strike a balance between pricing and quality to remain competitive in today's market. Customers want value for money, and this is something that Carl's Jr. Needs to prioritize if it wants to win back our business. As we navigate through these challenging times, it's important for us to support businesses that are transparent, efficient, and affordable. Let's hope that Carl's Jr. Will take a cue from this and work towards improving its offerings.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-29 by Ivan Langley

I can understand the disappointment and frustration expressed by Carter Guthrie in their review of Carl's Jr. However, as an empathetic person, I also believe that businesses like Carl's Jr. Deserve a chance to improve and win back their customers' trust. Firstly, while it's true that prices at Carl's Jr. Are higher than other fast food chains in the area, this could be due to factors such as location or menu offerings. It's essential for businesses to cover their costs and make a profit, so perhaps Carl's Jr. Needs to re-evaluate its pricing strategy based on these factors. Secondly, while slow service can be frustrating, it's vital to remember that the pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for businesses in the hospitality industry. Staff shortages and supply chain disruptions could be contributing to the sluggish service at Carl's Jr. Lastly, while the food may have been mediocre, it's crucial to remember that taste is subjective. Perhaps Carl's Jr. Needs to review its recipe or consider partnering with suppliers to source better quality ingredients to improve the flavor and freshness of their meals. In conclusion, I believe that businesses like Carl's Jr. Deserve a chance to address these concerns and work towards improving their offerings. As customers, we have a responsibility to hold them accountable for their actions but also show compassion and empathy during these challenging times. Let's hope that Carl's Jr. Takes these concerns into consideration and works on addressing them to win back its customers' trust.

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-05-11 by Juan

I have to disagree with Carter Guthrie's review of Carl's Jr. While it's true that the prices at Carl's Jr. Are slightly higher than other options in Greeley, I believe that this is justified by the quality of their food. In my personal experience, Carl's Jr. Offers some unique and delicious menu items that stand out from the generic offerings at other chains. From their famous charbroiled burgers to their crispy chicken sandwiches, there's something for everyone at Carl's Jr. And the portions are generous enough to satisfy even the hungriest of appetites. Moreover, I have also found that the service at Carl's Jr. Is generally prompt and efficient, especially during peak hours. While it's true that things can get a bit slow during busy times, I believe this is due to the high demand for their popular menu items rather than inefficient staffing. In terms of pricing, while it's true that Carl's Jr. Is slightly more expensive than some other options, I believe that this is justified by the overall dining experience. The ambiance at Carl's Jr. Is modern and clean, with comfortable seating and plenty of space to accommodate families or large groups. This makes for a more enjoyable dining experience compared to the cramped and crowded seating areas at some other fast food chains. In light of recent news about tech stocks and interest rates, it's interesting to note that Carl's Jr. CKE Restaurants Holdings Inc. Reported strong fourth-quarter earnings last year, with revenue up 17% YoY. This highlights the resilience of the fast food industry, even during challenging times, and underlines the importance of investing in brands that offer a unique and high-quality dining experience to customers. In conclusion, while Carter Guthrie's review may have been influenced by personal preferences or circumstances, I believe that Carl's Jr. Is a strong contender in the fast food market, and its focus on quality and customer experience sets it apart from other options. As someone who values value for money and an enjoyable dining experience, I will continue to visit Carl's Jr. And recommend it to others.


Fast food
3010 W 10th St, Greeley, CO 80634, United States

GPS : 40.4224028, -104.7295524

Users reviews of Arby's Greeley

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-24 by Giovanni

my heart beats with a mix of emotions. It was a chilly evening long ago when my husband and I set foot into the restaurant seeking solace from our growling stomachs. We had heard some rave reviews about their food and were eager to try it out. As we perused through the menu, my eyes widened at the exorbitant prices of some items. I couldn't help but feel disappointed at the hefty price tag attached to what seemed like ordinary fare. But, being the optimist that I am, I brushed aside my reservations and ordered their signature item - the Roast Beef Sandwich. The moment the sandwich landed on our table, my mouth watered in anticipation. The aroma of freshly roasted beef wafted through the air, tantalizing my senses. The first bite was heavenly - tender, juicy meat nestled between crispy bread, topped with tangy sauce and crunchy veggies. I closed my eyes and savored every morsel, relishing in the burst of flavors that exploded in my mouth. My husband too seemed pleased with his choice - a hearty Beef 'n Cheddar sandwich that left him licking his fingers clean. We both washed it down with a cold drink and left the restaurant feeling satisfied, if not a tad bit heavy. In comparison to other restaurants in Greeley, I would say Arby's holds its own ground. The food is undoubtedly delicious, but the prices could be a bit steep for some. Nevertheless, I believe it's worth splurging once in a while for the sheer pleasure of their delectable Roast Beef Sandwich. But today, as I read through the news about Arby's launching a new range of plant-based sandwiches, my curiosity was piqued. I can't wait to try them out and see how they compare to their traditional fare. It's always exciting to explore new options and expand one's culinary horizons!

In conclusion, my overall experience at Arby's has been nothing short of delightful. The food is top-notch, the service impeccable, and the ambiance cozy. I would highly recommend this restaurant for its delectable fare and exceptional dining experience.


Fast food
3267 W 10th St, Greeley, CO 80634, United States

GPS : 40.4232507, -104.7321546

Users reviews of Wendy's Greeley

DQ Grill & Chill Restaurant

Fast food
3190 W 10th St, Greeley, CO 80634, United States

GPS : 40.4225829, -104.7313437

Users reviews of DQ Grill & Chill Restaurant Greeley

Del Taco

Fast food
2913 S 23rd Ave, Greeley, CO 80631, United States

GPS : 40.3890582, -104.7164235

Users reviews of Del Taco Greeley

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-05-29 by Hailey

Oh, Del Taco. How I remember thee. It was a chilly evening many moons ago when my sister and I decided to venture out to this enigmatic fast-food joint in search of some mouthwatering grub. We were both craving something that would satiate our hunger without breaking the bank, and Del Taco seemed like the perfect spot. As we entered the premises, my heart sank. The place was a complete mess. The floor was sticky to the touch, and the air was thick with the stench of grease and mold. I couldn't help but think that this wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I envisioned a restaurant where one could indulge in a hearty meal. Despite my initial reservations, we decided to soldier on. The menu seemed promising, with an assortment of burritos, tacos, and other Mexican-inspired delicacies that would surely hit the spot. My sister opted for a loaded nacho platter, while I settled for a classic beef burrito. The wait was excruciatingly long, but eventually, our food arrived. And oh boy, what a letdown! The nachos were soggy and cold, with an excessive amount of cheese that had congealed into a gooey mess. My burrito, on the other hand, was equally disappointing. The tortilla was hard and dry, and the filling consisted primarily of limp lettuce and a few measly chunks of beef. I couldn't believe this was the same place that had been so highly recommended by some of my friends. I began to wonder if they had somehow mistaken Del Taco for a five-star Michelin restaurant. The food was downright awful, and it left us both feeling unsatisfied and disheartened. In comparison to other fast-food chains in Greeley, Del Taco falls woefully short. I've had some pretty decent meals at places like Jack in the Box and Wendy's, where the food is not only delicious but also reasonably priced. Del Taco, on the other hand, seems to be charging an arm and a leg for subpar fare. I must admit that the staff was somewhat friendly, but their efforts were ultimately futile in light of the appalling state of the premises. I couldn't help but feel sorry for them, as they appeared to be working under less-than-ideal conditions. It's a shame that such a potentially promising establishment has fallen by the wayside due to neglect and mismanagement. In conclusion, my experience at Del Taco was nothing short of disastrous. The food was terrible, the premises were unsanitary, and the overall atmosphere left much to be desired. I would urge anyone looking for a satisfying fast-food fix in Greeley to steer clear of this establishment and instead opt for more reliable alternatives such as McDonald's or KFC. Del Taco needs to seriously up its game if it hopes to remain relevant in today's fiercely competitive fast-food market. As for the news, I can't help but feel a sense of solidarity with the people of Texas, who have been ravaged by Hurricane Harvey. The images and stories coming out of the region are truly heartbreaking, and it's clear that these communities will need all the support they can get in the weeks and months to come. I urge everyone reading this review to consider making a donation to one of the many relief organizations working tirelessly to provide aid to those affected by this devastating storm.


Fast food
3502 W 29th St, Greeley, CO 80634, United States

GPS : 40.387383, -104.735688

Users reviews of Culver's Greeley


Fast food
2333 8th Ave, Greeley, CO 80631, United States

GPS : 40.3995157, -104.6915111

Users reviews of Wendy's Greeley

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-21 by Mateo

I couldn't help but feel a sense of apprehension. The air was thick with pollution and the sound of honking horns filled my ears. It was then that I decided to pay a visit to Wendy's, located on 8th Ave, in search of some respite from the chaos. The architecture surrounding Wendy's was nothing short of drab. The buildings were grey and lifeless, with no signs of greenery or character. It seemed as though this place had been designed solely for function, rather than form. But I wasn't here to admire the scenery – I was here to satisfy my cravings. As I stepped into Wendy's, I couldn't help but notice the overwhelming smell of fried food and artificial sweeteners. The decor was tacky and cheap, with bright red and yellow accents that screamed "fast food joint". But I didn't care – all I wanted was a quick bite to eat before heading back out into the madness outside. I ordered my usual burger and fries, eagerly anticipating the taste of salty grease on my tongue. As I took my first bite, I couldn't help but feel a sense of disappointment. The meat was dry and flavorless, the bread was soggy and stale, and the fries were limp and lifeless. This wasn't what I had come here for. But as I looked around at the other patrons, I realized that I wasn't alone in my skepticism. The people around me seemed just as dissatisfied with their meals as I was. We were all here for convenience, not quality – and that was a sad state of affairs. As I left Wendy's and returned to the bustling streets outside, I couldn't help but wonder what it would take to make this place truly great. It wasn't just about the food – it was about the environment as well. The air quality in Greeley was abysmal, and it seemed like no one was doing anything to address it. Maybe that's where Mateo comes in. As a coastal steward, he knows firsthand the importance of preserving our natural resources. Maybe he could help us take a stand against the pollution and apathy that plagues this town. But until then, I'll just have to settle for mediocre fast food and hope for the best. In light of today's news about Antiguan girls being trained as coastal stewards, it's clear that we need more people like Mateo in our communities. We can't afford to ignore the environmental degradation that surrounds us – we have to take action and make a difference. Let's hope that Wendy's takes note of this and starts making some positive changes as well. Only then will I truly be able to enjoy my fast food experiences without feeling guilty or disillusioned. Until then, I'll just keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-06-21 by Colton

I must vehemently disagree with Mateo's negative review. While it's true that the atmosphere outside the restaurant may be less than ideal, once you step inside, all your worries fade away. The staff is always friendly and efficient, and the food is cooked to perfection every time. Moreover, I would like to challenge Mateo's claims about the quality of the food. While it's true that some items may not be as fresh or flavorful as you'd like them to be on occasion, this is a rare occurrence. In my experience, Wendy's takes great care in sourcing high-quality ingredients and preparing them with care. Furthermore, I would like to point out that the restaurant itself has undergone significant renovations in recent years, which have greatly improved the overall ambiance of the space. The decor is now more modern and stylish, with brighter colors and sleeker lines. But most importantly, I believe that Wendy's plays a vital role in the community by providing quick, affordable meals to busy individuals who don't have time to prepare their own food or dine out at a fancy restaurant. This is especially important for people like Mateo, who are passionate about preserving our natural resources and may not have access to healthy, sustainable options elsewhere. In light of today's news about Antiguan girls being trained as coastal stewards, I believe that it's more important than ever for us to support local businesses like Wendy's that contribute to the community in meaningful ways. By doing so, we can help to create a brighter and more sustainable future for all of us. In short, while Mateo may have had a less-than-stellar experience at Wendy's, I would encourage him (and anyone else who shares his views) to give the restaurant another chance. With its commitment to quality food, friendly service, and positive community impact, I believe that Wendy's truly deserves our support and loyalty.

Carl's Jr.

Fast food
2555 11th Ave, Greeley, CO 80631, United States

GPS : 40.3957972, -104.6973388

Users reviews of Carl's Jr. Greeley


Fast food
4644 Centerplace Dr, Greeley, CO 80634, United States

GPS : 40.3942283, -104.7556111

Users reviews of Wendy's Greeley

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-02-12 by Jordyn Wynn

I remember that day vividly - my lover and I discovered an unforgettable meal experience at Wendy's near the bustling intersection of 35th Avenue and 20th Street in Greeley, CO. The place was located close to the popular University of Northern Colorado campus at 4644 Centerplace Dr, Greeley, CO 80634, United States.

The moment we stepped into this cozy eatery, I felt a sense of excitement and nostalgia. It reminded me of warm summer afternoons spent with my college sweetheart. The inviting ambiance, freshly cooked burgers, and familiar smells transported us back to those cherished moments.

The friendly banter between staff members and customers created a sense of camaraderie that is rare at fast-food chains. When our food arrived, it brought back all the reasons why we love Wendy's: juicy burgers, crispy fries, and refreshing drinks.

However, as I took another bite into my burger, I couldn't help but feel a tinge of sadness for the memories associated with this place - where our relationship began to unravel. But despite the heartache, Wendy's at 4643 Centerplace Dr, Greeley, CO 80634, United States still holds a special place in my heart because sometimes, even in difficult times, we find solace in familiarity and shared memories.


Fast food
3201 23rd Ave, Evans, CO 80620, United States

GPS : 40.384332, -104.716311

Users reviews of McDonald's Greeley

Burger King

Fast food
2435 35th Ave, Greeley, CO 80634, United States

GPS : 40.397045, -104.7355178

Users reviews of Burger King Greeley

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-05-18 by Josephine

Last summer, my boyfriend and I found ourselves craving something delicious after a long day of exploring the city. Our search for the perfect spot led us to Burger King, and we couldn't wait to indulge in their mouth-watering burgers. Little did we know, our experience would be far from what we expected. As soon as we entered the restaurant, we noticed that it wasn't as clean as we'd hoped. Trash littered the floors, and the counters were smudged with dirt. We tried to ignore the mess and ordered our meals, but our hopes quickly faded. The food arrived, and it was clear that something was off. My boyfriend's burger was dry and bland, while my fries were soggy and cold. We couldn't believe we had wasted our money on such subpar fast food. Comparing Burger King to other fast food chains in Greeley, I have to say that it falls short. McDonald's consistently delivers delicious and affordable meals, while Wendy's prides itself on using fresh ingredients. In contrast, Burger King seems to prioritize speed over quality, leaving customers like us disappointed. The news today only confirmed my suspicions. The meme-stock rally is dead as reality sets in for GameStop, with the company warning of a massive net loss and plans to sell 45 million shares. As investors watch their stocks plunge, it's clear that hype and hope alone can't sustain a successful business. Just like these meme-stock enthusiasts, Burger King seems to be relying on hope and optimism to inspire positivity. However, without quality food and clean premises, all this hope will only lead to disappointment. It's time for Burger King to take a hard look at itself and make real changes if it wants to compete with the likes of McDonald's and Wendy's. Until then, I think we'll stick to those other fast food chains that actually deliver on taste and cleanliness.

Burger King

Fast food
2708 11th Ave, Greeley, CO 80631, United States

GPS : 40.3928402, -104.6965615

Users reviews of Burger King Greeley

Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

Fast food
4401 Centerplace Dr, Greeley, CO 80634, United States

GPS : 40.3953889, -104.7496394

Users reviews of Dairy Queen Grill & Chill Greeley


Fast food
4555 Centerplace Dr, Greeley, CO 80634, United States

GPS : 40.3956637, -104.7526269

Users reviews of Chick-fil-A Greeley

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2023-07-23 by Jacqueline Nicholson

Last week, I found myself in the midst of a wild goose chase trying to find my way to the new Chick-fil-A at 4555 Centerplace Dr, Greeley, CO 80634. As a retail salesman with an impeccable sense of direction, you'd think I wouldn't get lost. But alas, the universe had other plans for me that day!

I set off on my usual route to work, but instead of passing through the usual landmarks, I ended up driving in circles around Greeley. My GPS, which usually has never steered me wrong, suddenly became as reliable as a broken clock. Just when I thought all hope was lost, I finally found the elusive Chick-fil-A nestled between an auto parts store and a tire shop.

As I pulled up to the drive-thru, my spirits lifted along with my heart rate. The friendly staff greeted me with warm smiles as if they were old friends. I placed my order for the classic Chick-fil-A Sandwich, waffle fries, and a sweet tea. To my delight, my meal was ready in just a few minutes.

The sandwich itself lived up to its hype; it tasted exactly like how I remember from my childhood visits to Chick-fil-A with my family. The chicken was tender and juicy, while the pickles added just the right amount of tanginess to balance out the flavors. The waffle fries were crispy on the outside but soft on the inside - truly a match made in fast food heaven.

However, the sweet tea left something to be desired; it tasted more like unsweetened iced tea with a splash of sugar than the sweet nectar I craved. Despite this minor setback, my overall experience at Chick-fil-A was enjoyable, and I would definitely return for another taste of their iconic sandwich.

So here's to you, Chiick-fil-A at 4555 Centerplace Dr, Greeley, CO 80634 - may your waffle fries remain crispy and your Chick-fil-A Sandwiches never lose their charm. And next time I visit, perhaps my GPS will cooperate and guide me straight to you without any unnecessary detours!

Sonic Drive-In

Fast food
5920 W 10th St, Greeley, CO 80634, United States

GPS : 40.4207354, -104.7760816

Users reviews of Sonic Drive-In Greeley


Fast food
2000 35th Ave C, Greeley, CO 80631, United States

GPS : 40.4057845, -104.7344256

Users reviews of Subway Greeley

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-01-09 by Jorge Pace

I recently visited Subway at a convenient location near the University of Northern Colorado and just a few blocks away from my office. It's situated right off 35th Avenue, near the popular Greeley Mall, making it an easy pit stop for busy professionals or students alike.
I have been to this particular Subway branch numerous times in the past, as it offers not only a quick and satisfying meal but also a variety of healthy options. I usually choose from their freshly baked bread, with my favorite being the 9-grain wheat. The staff is always friendly and efficient, making sure that your order is correct and served promptly.
Their sandwiches are made to order, so you can customize them according to your dietary needs or preferences. One of their signature items is the Subway Club, which features oven-roasted turkey breast, ham, bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise on multigrain bread. I also enjoy their refreshing salads, which are packed with fresh greens, veggies, and protein options such as grilled chicken or tuna steak.
Their prices are reasonable, making it an affordable option for anyone looking to grab a quick meal without breaking the bank. Subway's commitment to using high-quality ingredients and offering customizable options makes it a go-to spot for me whenever I need a quick fix during my busy workdays or when I just want something healthy and satisfying.
Overall, I highly recommend Subway at 2000 35th Ave C in Greeley, CO to anyone seeking a delicious and nutritious meal on the go. Their convenient location, friendly staff, and wide range of customizable options make it an excellent choice for locals and visitors alike.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-08 by Leah Hebert

Dear Jorge Pace,

I read your glowing review of Subway on Yelp with great interest as a fellow food enthusiast. However, I must confess that I have a completely different perspective on this popular sandwich chain. Firstly, let's talk about the location you mentioned. While it's true that Subway is situated near the University of Northern Colorado and the Greeley Mall, I beg to differ on its convenience factor. The area around 35th Avenue is notorious for its congestion, especially during peak hours. I once waited in line for over 20 minutes just to place my order, and by then, my sandwich was already cold and soggy. Secondly, let's address the issue of customer service. While you praised the friendliness and efficiency of the staff, I have had a completely different experience on multiple occasions. Once, I received an order with half of the ingredients missing, and another time, my sandwich was so overstuffed that I couldn't even close it properly. The staff seemed unapologetic and indifferent to my complaints. Moving on to the quality of food, I have to say that I find Subway's sandwiches to be overpriced and underwhelming. Their bread is dry and stale, and their fillings are bland and tasteless. In comparison, other fast-food chains like Jimmy John's or Chipotle offer more flavorful and satisfying options at a lower price point. Lastly, I want to address the issue of healthiness. While Subway does offer some healthy options, I believe that the concept of "healthy" is relative and subjective. In my opinion, a salad with lots of dressing and cheese is not necessarily healthier than a burger with lettuce and tomato. Moreover, there have been controversies in the past regarding the nutritional value of Subway's bread and other ingredients. In conclusion, while I appreciate your enthusiasm for Subway, I must admit that I am not convinced by your arguments. Personally, I prefer to spend my money on more delicious and affordable options elsewhere. Until Subway can address some of the issues I mentioned, I will continue to be a skeptic. Jokingly, I'd suggest starting a "Subway Diet" challenge - where you have to eat nothing but Subway for an entire week and document your experience. I bet you'll start craving something else by day three!

A Concerned Foodie.

Burger King

Fast food
2726 W 10th St, Greeley, CO 80634, United States

GPS : 40.4225794, -104.7249734

Users reviews of Burger King Greeley


Fast food
2804 W 10th St #490, Greeley, CO 80634, United States

GPS : 40.4225052, -104.7259141

Users reviews of KFC Greeley

Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard

Fast food
4359 Centerplace Dr, Greeley, CO 80634, United States

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Users reviews of Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard Greeley

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-03-01 by Joseph Holder

As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of fast food, I've had my fair share of greasy meals that leave me questioning my life choices. But when a dear friend insisted that Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard located at 4359 Centerplace Dr, Greeley, CO 80634, United States was the Holy Grail of fast food joints, I decided to put aside my dietary concerns and embark on this culinary adventure. The journey to Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard from the University of Northern Colorado campus is akin to traversing the Sahara Desert without water (but with less sand and more cars). It's approximately 5 miles, which sounds doable until you factor in Greeley's infamous grid system that makes navigating the city feel like solving a Rubik's Cube while blindfolded. Upon arrival at Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard, I was greeted by the smell of grease and the sight of people who looked like they hadn't eaten solid food since the last presidential election. The interior was reminiscent of an '80s arcade with its neon signs and cheesy wall art. But hey, when you're eating fast food, ambiance is often overlooked - kind of like how no one checks under the bed for monsters once they hit puberty. I ordered the classic double cheeseburger (because why not?) and a serving of their famous frozen custard (because I'm a glutton for punishment). As I waited for my meal, I observed the patrons around me - some were enjoying their meals with gusto, while others looked like they wished they could trade their double cheeseburgers for a healthy dose of regret. When my order was ready, I eagerly grabbed my tray and found a seat near the window. As I took my first bite of the double cheeseburger, I immediately felt an overwhelming sense of satisfaction - like when you finally finish watching a Netflix series you binge-watched in one sitting. The patty was juicy, the cheese was gooey, and the bun was perfectly toasted. It was everything I never knew I wanted from fast food. The frozen custard was equally impressive. Its creamy texture and rich flavor made me question why anyone would ever settle for regular ice cream again. It was like finding out that unicorns are real and they're offering free rides on their backs - magical and delightful all at once. Overall, my experience at Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard was nothing short of phenomenal. While I might not make it a regular part of my diet (unless I become a professional fast food critic), I'm glad I took the journey to Greeley and discovered this hidden gem. So if you're ever in the area and craving some delicious grub, don't hesitate to swing by Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard - just be prepared for an unforgettable culinary adventure that will leave you feeling like a kid again (or at least until the food coma kicks in).

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-03-03 by Bella Mccray

As someone who has devoted their life to health and wellness, I cannot fathom why anyone would choose to indulge in such calorie-laden, artery-clogging foods. Sure, it's "delicious" and provides a temporary sense of satisfaction, but at what cost? The long-term consequences of consuming fast food on a regular basis are numerous: obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and even early death. While it may be tempting to indulge in these treats every now and then, making them a staple in your diet is simply irresponsible. Moreover, the argument that Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard is a "hidden gem" seems highly exaggerated. It's not as if they are using locally sourced, organic ingredients or offering a unique spin on classic fast food items. They are just another chain restaurant in a long line of establishments peddling unhealthy fare to unsuspecting customers. In conclusion, while Joseph Holder may have enjoyed his experience at Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard, I cannot endorse or recommend their products. Instead, I urge people to prioritize their health and wellbeing by making informed choices about what they put into their bodies. There is no reason to sacrifice your long-term health for a few minutes of pleasure when there are countless other options available that won't leave you feeling guilty or unwell.

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