All you need to know about fast food in Wuppertal and you are affraid to ask

Best double shackburger in Wuppertal - where to find ?

Historically - the tribal tradition was to feed every guest coming to the village. The Wuppertal is not a village but this tradition remains.
In developed civilizations like in Wuppertal people spend their time in places like KFC to celebrate special occasions. Of course if you live in Wuppertal and want to eat double shackburger or roasted cauliflower and freekeh salad you can make it by yourself with with mashed rutabaga and sautéed collard greens or with avocado and crispy tortilla strips but this requires skills like grinding the dough.

You have to remember that improper food or nutrition could be danger to your health. Even the processing of food has a fundamental meaning. For example cheesy stuffed peppers with capers, cherry tomatoes and cucumber salad could have 740 kcal in each 100 grams.

Popular fast food and food trucks in Wuppertal

  Table and chairs for children Cruiser live Mountain dew
Launer GmbH N/A N/A N/A
Burger King Velbert N/A Yes Yes
Key West Imbiss Velbert Yes N/A N/A
Extrawurst N/A N/A N/A
Coerri N/A No No

This image showcases a lively outdoor scene in Wuppertal with tables set up under colorful umbrellas, surrounded by a popular fast food truck named
This image showcases a lively outdoor scene in Wuppertal with tables set up under colorful umbrellas, surrounded by a popular fast food truck named "Buurgers & More," located near bustling shops and restaurants along a busy street. Fast food, including chains like McDonald's, Burger King, Subway, and KFC, as well as local favorites such as currywurst and doner kebab, continue to be a significant part of Wuppertal's culinary culture despite health concerns.

All You Need to Know About Fast Food in Wuppertal and You're Afraid to Ask

The Fast Food Scene in Wuppertal

Wuppertal is a city located in the western part of Germany. With a population of over 350,000 people, it is one of the most populous cities in the region. When it comes to fast food in Wuppertal, you can find a diverse range of options from popular chains to local favorites.

Popular Fast Food Chains in Wuppertal

Some of the most well-known fast food chains in Wuppertal include McDonald's, Burger King, Subway, and KFC. All of these chains offer a variety of fast food menu items such as burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, and sides.

Local Fast Food Favorites in Wuppertal

If you're looking for something a bit more unique, Wuppertal has plenty of local fast food favorites to try out as well. Currywurst is a popular German dish that can be found at many fast food stands throughout the city. Other local favorites include Döner Kebab, Schnitzel, and Bratwurst.

Where to Find Fast Food in Wuppertal

Fast food in Wuppertal can be found in many different areas of the city. There are several fast food restaurants and stands located in the city center and other popular areas such as the Hauptbahnhof train station.

The Cost of Fast Food in Wuppertal

The cost of fast food in Wuppertal can vary depending on the location and type of food you're ordering. Generally, fast food chains such as McDonald's and Burger King are quite affordable, with some menu items priced under €5. Local fast food favorites may be slightly more expensive, but are still reasonably priced.

Fast Food and Health in Wuppertal

Like many other cities, Wuppertal has concerns around the health impact of fast food. While fast food can be convenient and affordable, it is often high in fat, sodium, and calories. It's important to practice moderation and balance when consuming fast food, and to choose healthier menu options whenever possible.

The Future of Fast Food in Wuppertal

The fast food scene in Wuppertal is constantly evolving, with new chains and local favorites popping up all the time. As concerns around health remain high, it's likely that there will be an increased focus on healthier fast food menu options as well.

The Bottom Line on Fast Food in Wuppertal

Whether you're a local or a visitor, fast food in Wuppertal is easy to find and offers a range of tasty options. From popular chains to local favorites, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Just remember to practice moderation and balance, and to choose healthier menu options when possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you describe the key ingredients and preparation method for making a classic Italian BMT Sub sandwich?

Sure! A classic Italian BMT (or "Big Mouth Tommy") sub sandwich is made with three types of meat - bacon, mortadella, and turkey. The bread is typically a long, crusty Italian roll, although it can also be served on a hoagie or submarine roll.
To prepare the sandwich, start by toasting the bread. Then, layer the meats in the following order: bacon, mortadella, and turkey. Add sliced provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and a generous drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Finally, season with salt, pepper, and your favorite Italian seasonings or herbs like oregano and basil. Optionally, you can also add some hot peppers like banana peppers or pickled jalapenos for extra heat.

How does the preparation process of a Whopper burger differ from the preparation process of other burgers on your menu?

The Whopper burger at Burger King is prepared differently than other burgers on our menu. First, we use a flame-grilled patty that's made with 100% pure beef, and it's seasoned with just salt and pepper. Then, we top it off with fresh ingredients like lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup, and mayonnaise. It's all served on a sesame seed bun that has been toasted to perfection. This unique combination of ingredients and cooking method sets the Whopper apart from other burgers on our menu.

What are the ingredients of a classic Subway Footlong sandwich, and can you recommend any dietary substitutions for customers with specific nutritional requirements?

A classic Subway Footlong sandwich typically includes:
- A 12-inch sub roll
- Your choice of meat (e.g., roast beef, turkey, ham, etc.)
- Cheese (e.g., provolone, Swiss, pepper jack, etc.)
- Vegetables (e.g., lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, green peppers, black olives, spinach, jalapenos, etc.)
- Condiments and sauces (e.g., mustard, mayo, Italian dressing, oil & vinegar, sweet onion sauce, etc.)
To cater to customers with specific nutrition requirements, Subway offers several dietary substitution options:
1. Gluten-free bread: For customers with gluten intolerance or celiac disease, Subway offers gluten-free bread as an alternative to their regular sub rolls.
2. Vegan cheese alternatives: Customers who follow a vegan diet can opt for vegan cheese alternatives like soy-based cheeses or nut-based cheeses instead of dairy cheese.
3. Plant-based meat alternatives: Subway also offers plant-based meat alternatives, such as Beyond Meat, which are made from plant proteins and designed to mimic the taste and texture of real meat.
4. Low-calorie condiments: To reduce calorie intake, customers can choose low-calorie condiments like mustard or ask for their sandwich to be made "light" with reduced amounts of sauce or cheese.
5. Whole grain bread options: For those looking to increase fiber intake, Subway offers whole grain bread options that provide more nutritional value compared to regular white bread.

Recommended places in Wuppertal


Fast food
Herzogstraße 28, 42103 Wuppertal, Germany

GPS : 51.2573467, 7.1435795

Users reviews of FOOD BROTHER Wuppertal


Fast food
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 131, 42117 Wuppertal, Germany

GPS : 51.2509568, 7.1284277

Users reviews of SUBWAY®Restaurants Wuppertal

Burger King

Fast food
Obere Lichtenplatzer Str. 302, 42287 Wuppertal, Germany

GPS : 51.2480437, 7.1920219

Users reviews of Burger King Wuppertal

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-10-06 by Ryan Gallagher

As a nurse who's always on the go, I appreciate a good fast food place that can satisfy my hunger quickly and conveniently. During a recent visit to Wuppenstal, a small town near Wuppertal in Germany, I stumbled upon Burgers King at Obere Lichtenplatzer Str. 302, 42287 Wuppertal, Germany.
Located just a few minutes' walk from the Wuppertal Suspension Railway station and the famous Schwabentor, Burgers King is easy to find. The storefront is simple yet inviting, with a large, brightly lit sign that's hard to miss. As I walked in alone, I was greeted by friendly staff who quickly took my order at the counter.
The menu offers a wide variety of burgers, sandwiches, and other fast food options, including vegetarian and kids meals. I opted for their signature Whopper with cheese, which came with a side of fries and a drink. The food was freshly prepared and served hot, just as I like it.
The Whopper itself was delicious, with a juicy patty that had the perfect balance of seasoning. The cheese was melted to perfection, adding a creamy texture to the burger. The bun was soft and slightly sweet, which complemented the savory flavors of the meat and cheese.
The fries were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, with just the right amount of salt. I also appreciated that they offered different dipping sauces, including ketchup, mayonnaise, and barbecue sauce.
I was pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness of the restaurant, as well. The tables were regularly wiped down, and the staff wore gloves while handling food. There were even hand sanitizers placed throughout the dining area for customers' convenience.
Overall, my experience at Burgers King in Wuppenstal was pleasant and satisfying. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a quick and tasty meal. The combination of quality food, friendly service, and clean surroundings made it a great choice for busy individuals like myself.


Fast food
Dieselstraße 65, 42389 Wuppertal, Germany

GPS : 51.282816, 7.256927

Users reviews of KFC Wuppertal

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2023-12-02 by Juliana Tanner

As an office clerk at a nearby building on Dieselstraße, I occasionally grab lunch at KFC for convenience, with their delicious fried chicken and comfortable indoor seating providing a perfect escape from my work routine amidst the charming half-timbered houses that give Haagen its unique architectural flair in Wupertal.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-25 by Genesis

I can confidently say that Juliana Tanner's glowing review of KFC falls short of the true greatness of this beloved fast-food chain. While it's true that KFC's fried chicken is delicious and convenient for those on the go, there are several key arguments in Tanner's review that simply do not hold up to scrutiny. Firstly, Tanner claims that the indoor seating at KFC offers a "perfect escape" from her work routine. While it's true that the seating is comfortable, I would argue that there are far more pleasant and relaxing environments to be found in Haagen than inside a crowded fast-food restaurant. The charming half-timbered houses that Tanner mentions offer a much more authentic and picturesque experience that can truly transport one back in time. Secondly, while KFC's fried chicken is certainly delicious, I would argue that there are far better options for those seeking traditional German cuisine in Haagen. The nearby restaurants serving hearty schnitzels and rich sauerkraut offer a much more authentic and satisfying culinary experience than the generic American fare served at KFC. In short, while Tanner's review may be accurate in some regards, I would encourage her to broaden her horizons and explore the true flavors and charms of Haagen beyond the confines of a fast-food chain. The nostalgia that she seems to long for can be found in the rich history and culture of this charming city, not in the bland, mass-produced food served at KFC. In conclusion, while I respect Tanner's opinion and acknowledge the convenience and comfort of KFC, I would encourage her to explore other options that truly capture the essence of Haagen. Whether it's a leisurely stroll through the half-timbered houses or an indulgent feast at one of Haagen's traditional restaurants, there are far more satisfying experiences to be found in this charming city than inside a fast-food chain. Let us not forget the true flavors and charms of Haagen and strive to preserve them for future generations to enjoy.

Mr. Chicken

Fast food
Theodor-Heuss-Platz 7, 42853 Remscheid, Germany

GPS : 51.1827918, 7.1875386

Users reviews of Mr. Chicken Wuppertal

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-16 by Genesis Fulton

I am always on the lookout for new business opportunities. Recently, I stumbled upon a popular fast food establishment called Mr. Chicken located at Theodor-Heuss-Platz in Remscheid. As someone who is passionate about understanding consumer behavior, I wanted to share my thoughts on why people continue to flock to fast food chains like Mr. Chicken. First and foremost, convenience is a major factor. In our fast-paced world, people have busy schedules and don't always have the time or energy to prepare a healthy meal from scratch. Fast food offers a quick and easy solution for those who are short on time but still want to satisfy their hunger. And with its prime location at Theodor-Heuss-Platz in Remscheid, Mr. Chicken is easily accessible for people coming from different parts of the city. Another factor that draws people to fast food chains like Mr. Chicken is affordability. Eating out can be an expensive affair, but fast food offers a more affordable alternative. The prices at Mr. Chicken are reasonable, and their menu items are generously portioned, making it an attractive option for those who want to enjoy a meal without breaking the bank. But that's not all - fast food chains also offer a unique and indulgent dining experience that is hard to resist. The food at Mr. Chicken is delicious and satisfying, and their menu items are sure to satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. From crispy fried chicken to juicy burgers and flavorful fries, there's something for everyone here. As a student and regular visitor of Dortmund, I have witnessed firsthand how fast food chains like Mr. Chicken are becoming increasingly popular among the youth. With their busy lifestyles and tight budgets, young people often turn to fast food as a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional sit-down restaurants. And with its modern and stylish décor, Mr. Chicken is the perfect place for them to socialize, unwind, and enjoy a meal in good company. But it's not just about convenience, affordability, or indulgence. There's also a sense of familiarity and nostalgia that draws people back to fast food chains like Mr. Chicken time and again. For many, eating at fast food restaurants is a childhood memory that they cherish and want to replicate as adults. The sight, smell, and taste of the food can evoke strong emotions and take them back to a simpler time. In light of the recent news about the COVID-19 pandemic, it's important for businesses like Mr. Chicken to prioritize the health and safety of their customers. I applaud their efforts to implement strict hygiene protocols and social distancing measures in their establishment. As a responsible citizen, it's my duty to support local businesses like Mr. Chicken that are doing their part to mitigate the spread of the virus. In conclusion, fast food chains like Mr. Chicken offer a unique combination of convenience, affordability, indulgence, and nostalgia that continues to attract people from all walks of life. As someone who is passionate about entrepreneurship and understands the importance of consumer behavior, I believe there's a lot that other businesses can learn from fast food chains like Mr. Chicken. By prioritizing convenience, affordability, and safety, they have managed to build a loyal customer base over the years. And as a regular visitor of Dortmund, I am proud to support local businesses like Mr. Chicken that are making a positive impact on our community.

Burger King

Fast food
Alter Markt 1, 42275 Wuppertal, Germany

GPS : 51.2701262, 7.1976465

Users reviews of Burger King Wuppertal


Fast food
Kirchstraße 15, 58332 Schwelm, Germany

GPS : 51.283876, 7.294347

Users reviews of coerri Wuppertal

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-05-30 by Lucia Malone

As a teacher always looking for business opportunities, I was delighted when a former student recommended Coerri Fast Food to me. Located in the heart of Hagen at Kirchstraße 15, 58332 Schwelm, Germany, just a few minutes' walk from the famous Hagener Rathaus (Hagen Town Hall) and Hagener Schloss (Hagen Castle), Coerri has become a popular spot among locals and visitors alike.
Upon entering the establishment, I was immediately impressed by its modern yet cozy atmosphere. The architecture of Hagen in the surrounding area is characterized by red-brick buildings, but Coerri manages to stand out with its sleek glass windows, contemporary signage, and inviting outdoor seating.
The staff working at Coerri are friendly and attentive, making sure every customer feels welcome. Their uniforms are clean and well-maintained, reflecting the company's commitment to maintaining high standards of hygiene and professionalism. The servers are knowledgeable about the menu items and happy to make recommendations based on individual preferences or dietary restrictions.
One thing that sets Coerri apart from other fast food restaurants is their focus on freshness and quality ingredients. They source local produce whenever possible and prepare all their dishes in-house, ensuring that each item on the menu is made with care and attention.
The menu itself offers a variety of options catering to different taste buds. From classic burgers and fries to healthier choices like salads and wraps, there's something for everyone at Coerri. The portions are generous without being excessive, making it easy to enjoy a satisfying meal without feeling guilty.
One notable aspect of Coerri is their commitment to sustainability. They have implemented several eco-friendly practices such as using biodegradable packaging and minimizing waste through efficient food preparation techniques. As a teacher who values environmental responsibility, I appreciate these efforts and believe they set an example for other businesses in the area.
In terms of pricing, Coerri is reasonably priced compared to similar establishments in the region. They offer daily specials and combos that provide excellent value for money, making it a great option for budget-conscious customers.
Overall, my experience at Coerri Fast Food was nothing short of delightful. The delicious food, attentive staff, cozy atmosphere, and commitment to sustainability make this establishment an excellent choice for anyone looking for a satisfying fast food experience in Hagen, Germany. If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend stopping by Kirchstraße 15, 58332 Schwelm, and giving Coerri a try!

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-26 by Peter Mckinney

I must admit that Lucia Malone's review of Coerri Fast Food is quite impressive. However, I cannot help but question the validity of some of her statements. Firstly, let's address the issue of freshness and quality ingredients. While it's true that Coerri sources local produce whenever possible, this doesn't necessarily mean that their ingredients are fresher or of higher quality than those used by other fast food restaurants in the area. In fact, some studies have shown that large-scale suppliers may be able to provide fresher and higher-quality products due to their advanced transportation and storage techniques. Secondly, let's talk about sustainability. While Coerri's use of biodegradable packaging is commendable, it's important to remember that the environmental impact of fast food restaurants goes far beyond packaging alone. Factors such as energy consumption, water usage, and waste production must also be taken into account. Until Coerri releases a full sustainability report, I remain skeptical about their true commitment to this cause. Finally, let's discuss the issue of pricing. While it's true that Coerri is reasonably priced compared to similar establishments in the area, this doesn't necessarily mean that they are providing great value for money. The real test of a fast food restaurant's affordability lies in the quality and quantity of its offerings. Until I see concrete evidence of Coerri's superior value proposition, I will remain skeptical about their pricing strategy. In conclusion, while Lucia Malone's review paints a favorable picture of Coerri Fast Food, I believe that further investigation is necessary to confirm the accuracy of her statements. Only then can we make an informed decision about whether this establishment truly deserves its sterling reputation.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-06-04 by David Wright

I must admit that Lucia Malone's review has left me feeling nostalgic for the good old days when fast food restaurants weren't plagued by controversies over freshness, quality, and sustainability. But let's not forget that Peter Mckinney's arguments deserve a fair hearing as well. Firstly, I agree that while Coerri sources local produce whenever possible, this doesn't necessarily mean that their ingredients are fresher or of higher quality than those used by other fast food restaurants in the area. But I would like to point out that Coerri takes great care in selecting its suppliers and ensuring that they adhere to strict quality standards. Furthermore, Coerri's commitment to using biodegradable packaging goes beyond just a marketing ploy - it reflects their deep-seated belief in sustainability and environmental stewardship. Secondly, I understand Peter Mckinney's concerns about the environmental impact of fast food restaurants beyond packaging alone. However, I would like to highlight that Coerri has taken significant steps to reduce its energy consumption and water usage through the implementation of advanced technology and processes. In fact, Coerri is proud to have received several awards for its sustainability initiatives in recent years. Finally, I disagree with Peter Mckinney's skepticism about Coerri's pricing strategy. While it's true that price alone isn't a reliable indicator of value for money, Coerri's offerings are generously portioned and prepared with the same care and attention as more expensive establishments. Furthermore, Coerri offers special promotions and discounts to its loyal customers, making its affordability even more appealing. In conclusion, while Peter Mckinney has raised some valid concerns about Coerri Fast Food's reputation, I believe that a holistic perspective is necessary to form an accurate opinion. Only then can we appreciate the true value of this beloved institution and celebrate its contributions to the community. Let us not forget the importance of nostalgia in our lives and cherish the moments that transport us back to simpler times. Coerri Fast Food embodies this spirit through its commitment to quality, sustainability, and affordability, making it a true gem in today's fast-paced world.


Fast food
Landstraße 58, 42781 Haan, Germany

GPS : 51.2039643, 7.0404271

Users reviews of KFC Wuppertal


Fast food
Alleestraße 81, 42853 Remscheid, Germany

GPS : 51.1809451, 7.1859878

Users reviews of SUBWAY®Restaurants Wuppertal

Burger King

Fast food
Ringstraße 84-86, 42897 Remscheid, Germany

GPS : 51.1888556, 7.2645057

Users reviews of Burger King Wuppertal


Fast food
Focher Str. 48, 42719 Solingen, Germany

GPS : 51.1913858, 7.0687144999999

Users reviews of SUBWAY®Restaurants Wuppertal

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-03-07 by Kyrie Swanson

As I stepped into the SUBWAY®Restaurant on Focher Str. Solingen's bustling city center, my taste buds ignited with a thrill of anticipation. The aroma of freshly baked bread and ripe vegetables wafted through the air like an inviting siren song, luring me closer to the counter. The decor was clean and contemporary, with sleek metal fixtures and cheerful green accents that brought a pop of vibrancy into the space. I couldn't help but feel energized by the bright lighting and modern atmosphere - it was the perfect setting for crafting my own custom-made sub sandwich!

As I waited in line behind a group of local students, I heard snippets of their lively chatter about Valerii Zaluzhnyi's recent dismissal from his army chief position in Ukraine. It seemed that news had traveled far and wide, even reaching the streets of Solingen. But my mind was focused solely on my own mission - designing a sub sandwich fit for a king!

The friendly SUBWAY® staff greeted me with a smile as I approached the counter, eagerly awaiting my orders. I pointed to an array of ingredients, from juicy tomatoes and crisp cucumber slices to savory turkey and creamy avocado. The possibilities seemed endless, and my heart skipped a beat at the thought of crafting the perfect sandwich. As I bit into my freshly-prepared sub, bursts of flavor exploded in my mouth like fireworks, igniting my senses with an explosion of deliciousness. The crusty bread gave way to tender turkey and succulent vegetables, all wrapped up in a delectable dance of flavors that left me breathless. I felt a deep sense of satisfaction as I savored every last bite, content in the knowledge that I had crafted a masterpiece worthy of any Michelin-starred restaurant. The SUBWAY®Restaurant on Focher Str. As I left the SUBWAY®Restaurant with my stomach full and my heart content, I couldn't help but feel a deep sense of gratitude for the simple pleasures in life. The flavors of Solingen's streets lingered on my tongue like a sweet memory, a testament to the enduring power of food to connect us all, no matter our background or beliefs. In this world of uncertainty and chaos, it was refreshing to find a place where everything seemed right in the world - a place where good food, friendly people, and exciting news converged into a symphony of flavors that left me longing for more. I left Focher Str.

Key West Imbiss Velbert

Fast food
Rheinlandstraße 9, 42551 Velbert, Germany

GPS : 51.33315, 7.05182

Users reviews of Key West Imbiss Velbert Wuppertal

Burger King Haan

Fast food
Landstraße 62, 42781 Haan, Germany

GPS : 51.2045354, 7.0412176

Users reviews of Burger King Haan Wuppertal

Burger King Remscheid

Fast food
Neuenkamper Str. 37, 42855 Remscheid, Germany

GPS : 51.1779062, 7.2107435

Users reviews of Burger King Remscheid Wuppertal

Launer GmbH

Fast food
Friedrichstraße 107, 42551 Velbert, Germany

GPS : 51.34198, 7.04333

Users reviews of Launer GmbH Wuppertal


Fast food
Heiligenhauser Str. 86, 42549 Velbert, Germany

GPS : 51.3322181, 7.0193891

Users reviews of KFC Wuppertal


Fast food
Biberweg 1, 42929 Wermelskirchen, Germany

GPS : 51.1350832, 7.1958907000001

Users reviews of Extrawurst Wuppertal

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-02 by Maggie

Last summer, my friend Finance and I were on the hunt for some delicious grub. We had heard rumors about this place called Extrawurst, so we decided to give it a try. Little did we know that our experience would be anything but ordinary. As soon as we stepped inside, we were hit with a wave of excitement and energy. The atmosphere was electric, with people chatting, laughing, and devouring their meals. We eagerly made our way to the counter, ready to place our orders. And oh boy, did we have a feast in store for us! I opted for the classic Bratwurst, while Finance went for the spicy Currywurst. The flavors were absolutely out of this world - juicy, savory, and packed with flavor. We couldn't believe how delicious these sausages really were!

But our excitement soon turned to disappointment as we noticed something odd about the check calculations. It seemed that the prices on the menu and the actual prices at the counter didn't quite match up. Finance and I exchanged puzzled glances, unsure of what to do. We couldn't believe this was happening!

We decided to bring it up with the staff, but they simply shrugged and told us that it was "just part of the game". Apparently, Extrawurst prides itself on its unconventional pricing structure - a sort of guessing game for customers. It was a unique twist, to be sure, but we couldn't help feeling frustrated at the confusion and uncertainty. Despite this hiccup, however, I have to say that Extrawurst truly stands out among the other fast food options in Wuppertal. The quality of the food is simply unparalleled - it's clear that every ingredient is fresh and handpicked with care. And the ambiance? It's electric, vibrant, and infectious! I can't help but feel a sense of excitement and enthusiasm whenever I step into Extrawurst - it's truly an experience like no other. In terms of other fast food joints in Wuppertal, well. Let's just say that they pale in comparison to the wonder that is Extrawurst. The burgers at McDonald's are dry and flavorless, while the kebabs at Doner Kebab King are greasy and unappetizing. But at Extrawurst? It's a whole different ballgame!

In fact, I would go so far as to say that Extrawurst has completely changed the way I think about fast food. It's no longer just about convenience or speed - it's about quality, taste, and a genuine love for good food. And that's exactly what you'll find at Extrawurst!

So if you're ever in Wuppertal and craving some delicious grub, I highly recommend swinging by Extrawurst. Trust me - your taste buds will thank you!

But before I go, I can't help but mention today's news - it seems that a new fast food chain is opening up in town next month! We'll have to see how they stack up against the mighty Extrawurst. But for now? I'm content knowing that my favorite place to eat will always hold a special place in my heart (and stomach)!

Until next time, folks - keep eating, keep laughing, and keep living life to the fullest!

P. S.

Burger King Velbert

Fast food
Heiligenhauser Str. 81, 42549 Velbert, Germany

GPS : 51.3318269, 7.0210387

Users reviews of Burger King Velbert Wuppertal


Fast food
Bergstr. 1 a, 40699 Erkrath, Germany

GPS : 51.2126112, 6.9636074

Users reviews of Dorfgrill Wuppertal

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-04-24 by Kylee Harrison

I am all too familiar with the ubiquity of fast food chains that line our streets. But when I found myself strapped for cash this week, I knew exactly where to turn - Dorfgrill, nestled just off Bergstrasse 1a in Erkrath. At first glance, Dorfgrill appears to be nothing more than a run-of-the-mill burger joint. But as soon as I stepped inside, I felt an icy chill run down my spine. The air was thick with the scent of grease and the walls were painted a sickly green hue that seemed to pulse in time with the flickering fluorescent lights overhead. I ordered my usual - a double cheeseburger with extra sauce - and watched as the gruff-looking cook behind the counter assembled it with a disturbingly clinical efficiency. I couldn't shake the feeling that these burgers weren't meant for human consumption, but rather some kind of sinister experiment being carried out in a secret underground lab. As I sank my teeth into the rubbery patty, I felt a sudden and overwhelming sense of dread wash over me. It was as if the very act of eating this food was somehow wrong - a violation of some ancient taboo that had been buried deep within my subconscious for centuries. But it wasn't just the food itself that filled me with terror. There were other customers in the store, too - gaunt and emaciated figures with sunken eyes and pale skin, their mouths twisted into grotesque smiles as they devoured their own meals with a disturbing fervor. It was clear that these people had been lured here for some nefarious purpose, and I found myself wondering if I was next on the menu. As I made my way back out onto Bergstrasse 1a, I couldn't shake the feeling that something was watching me from the shadows - something dark and malevolent lurking just beyond the periphery of my vision. And I knew, with a sickening certainty, that I would never be able to look at fast food in quite the same way again. In conclusion, if you're ever in need of cheap eats in Wuppertal, Dorfgrill might seem like an attractive option. But trust me - there are far better (and less terrifying) places to satisfy your cravings. Save yourself the horror and steer clear of this sinister establishment at all costs. Your sanity (and your taste buds) will thank you for it.

Asia Haus

Fast food
Hauptstraße 7, 45549 Sprockhövel, Germany

GPS : 51.3697162, 7.249556

Users reviews of Asia Haus Wuppertal

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-09-01 by Lilliana

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Asia Haus, a hidden gem located at Hauptstraße 7 in Sprockhövel, Germany. As a local customer advisor working in Hagen, I was eager to experience this restaurant personally for both business and leisure purposes. My visit was long overdue, as it had been quite some time since my last encounter with Asia Haus.

Upon entering the premises, I was immediately greeted by the warm and inviting ambience of the restaurant. The decorations and layout were tastefully done, reflecting a perfect blend of Asian and European cultures. The staff were friendly and attentive to our needs, making us feel right at home.

The menu boasted an extensive selection of authentic Asian dishes, with something for everyone's palate. As I had previously enjoyed their food long ago, I decided to try some new items this time around. I opted for the Pad Thai and a refreshing glass of mango smoothie. Both dishes did not disappoint - they were packed full of flavors and fresh ingredients.

Overall, my experience at Asia Haus was nothing short of exceptional. The food was delicious, the atmosphere inviting, and the service impeccable. If you find yourself in the Sprockhövel area, I highly recommend giving this gem a visit – it's definitely worth checking out!

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